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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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on the plaza here. and some intense moments, they're being quite hostile verbally to the media here, so that is why the police showed up here. i will have more for you as it becomes available. i'm alan wong reporting. >> alan, sorry for the break up of the picture there. that is taking place in oakland at this hour across the bay in san francisco, there is also a contentious occupy movement taking place. one day after police raided occupiers at justin herman plaza. vic lee joins us from san francisco with the story. vic? >> there is concensus last night. police had a physical confrontation with protestors today it's been peaceful. they say they'll march down here for another rally. but i can tell you this, there is a lot of anger directed at police for tearing down this encampment last night.
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>> we've had complaints other members of the group are frightening. >> police chief told a small group outside city hall this morning that he was concerned about violent fringe elements hijacking the peaceful protest. and last night, protestors blocked streets and surrounded trucks and vans carrying possessions. someone stabbed a tire. all of this was in reaction to police action earlier in the evening. and about 10:30 police in riot gear began tearing down tents and tarps in the back by occupiers and forcibly removed dozens of people in the streets. five were arrested. >> this is my hand and my finger, swollen. >> this protestor showed us his finger says was almost broken by an officer. >> they raised their clubs we never raised our arms, this was a peaceful protest that was responded to in violence.
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>> the chief defended actions of his officers. >> officers were punched and attempted to be tackled. and liquides unknown to officers were tlon on them. >> the chief explained why police went into the encampment you can't have any permanent structure, tent or the like in a park in san francisco. and you're not supposed to be overnight in a park between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. >> today, police and protestors worked up an agreement to let pub lick works crews clean up. but there was no accord on the tarps, which were back. san francisco supervisor says that police need to be more flexible with the occupiers. >> we have to provide space to do it. or else they're going create their own. goitsing to get ugly. >> the protesters say they're here to stay what it takes we're not going away. this is justice. >> and there is you can see the tarps and tents are back
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here and the chief says officers will try to convince protestors to take these down before 10:30 tonight ask will not say if there will be a repeat of last night if they don't. we're waiting for them to march down market street for another rally. >> and thank you very much. to new york now occupy wall street members are celebrating a one-month anniversary tonight. >> and they seemed subdued of a weekend that saw a victor wrus in a about thel to stay in the park. there is plenty of support and $300,000 in the bank and news from financial world may make their message stronger, citi group says earnings grew 74% and another big bank weighed in with 21% growth.
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wells fargo ceo asked about the demonstration and reported those earnings and says, quote, it's been too long, unemt employment and has been high and we get that. added his company is determined to hire more and lend more. >> and tonight this is a about the danger of radiation from your cell fochblt and there is defeens by that warning is being question ootd government agency which regulates cell phones stlez is no basis for establishing a different safety threshold but researchers for a group believe the federal testing methods are flawed. there are cell phones that may not be as safe as government says they are. lloyd morgan is one researcher hind the study that looks at how the fcc sets radiation safety stand skbrardz found the tests are done on plastic
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heads, the size of a six foot two, 220 pound man therk say kor spends to just 3% of the population so researchers believe the test underestimates the amount of radiation, 97% of cell phone users are exposed to. there says children are vulnerable. >> children's tissue are more absorbant. their skulls are thinner and heads are smaller, they receive more radiation. than do adult autos and many scientists say there are no conclusive studies linking cans skbrer radiation. >> there are different types of radiation. from x rays is something called ionize chg gets from cell phones is the same type you gret a microwave oven, there is no good evidence it causes cancer. >> the industry organization agrees saying weight of
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research has not linked witness health affects but teesd report is unsettling for users we talked with. >> it's not going to make me put town a cell phone. it's just one of those other carsono agains we'll have to deal with. >> and both the federal government and author as agree those that want to reduce radiation exposure can hold cell phone as way from their head and body, use a speaker for a hands free device. >> in the last hour, police released the names and experience of the officers involved in sunday's fatal shooting. three officers responded to a call of an armed man acting suspiciously in an apartment complex. and it's not clear what happened shortly after the officers arrived and caused one officer to open fire and two others to deploy tasers. the suspect died at the scene. one resident had seen him
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around. >> this is very unfortunate that officer involved shooting happened because we need all of the police we can get. and with this lay back in police. it's not good under any circumstances. >> the officer is a 28-year veteran of the department. police will not say if a weapon was found on on the suspect this, was the sixth officer-involved shooting in san jose this year, three of those were fatal. >> and police in pittsberg continue investigating a gang related shooting that sent a 9-year-old girl to the hospital happening dur killing's birthday party. 25 people were inside. tleerjz were also hit and some released this afternoon, all are expected to survive. no arrests have been made and in oakland there is a series of measures including a $60
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kblinl parcel tax, a five-year tax designed to raise money for fire protection, library services and scener services. critics say there are no deal details but it's like giving city hall a blank check. >> any change in our system that we have that is really where you spend more than what you're taking in. there no way is going to work. >> add ve kits say the tax was replenished to the tune of $11 million and have been bled dry by faltering economy. the tax will be $80 for a single family home. >> and home improvement giants lowe's announce it will close 20 stores around the country, one is in northern california. 1950 jobs will be lost and the closures include loss banos store. lowe's says shoppers concerns about the economy hurt demand and closures will allow to it
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focus on improving sales at profitable locations. lowe's will only open 15 stores in north america newscast year dproun 30 it had hoped to open. >> the internal computer system for dmv crashed and remained off line until 234k after the noochbl officials say it went down after a system upgrade area carried out over the weekend disrupting service at 168 office was in the stay that could provide only limited service during that malfunction. the d.a.r.m.v.says systems appear to be funking normally now. >> whit comes to producing solar pou skbrer jobs california is leading the way. the new report et mates one in four solar related jobs in the country are right here, california ranks first for producing electricity through solar systems. and a survey of solar companies suggests employment
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will rise by 24%, creating 24,000 new jobs in the united states and who can forget this? 22 years ago od, it hit. the 1989 earth qaichblgt owe fishes are trying a new approach to fwez receipt -- gutierrez dents prepared for the next big one. it combines games and social media and offers incentives for those who use to it prepare a quake preparedness kit. emergency management officials met today to discuss the importance of the community's help following a major disaster. >> we've learned from loma prieta that to recover we needed the community to be part. response and recovery effort. it's not just government. >> and 63 people died in the quake, many when the freeway collapsed in oakland. the bay bridge also suffered as you recall, heavy damage.
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>> and coming up, guide lines for adh dha. could increase treatment for preschooler autos raiders nation invited to pay a final farewell to the man who led the scene for the past four decade autos off to a warm start. our natural ac will knock temperatures down tomorrow. there are other changes coming. i'll be back with the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> from 7 on your side new deals to prevent sticker shock next time you open a wireless bill.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> fans are getting a chance to bid farewell to al davis, inviting fans inside of the chapel of cemetery in oakland and it's going to remain open until 7:00 tonight.
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there is a photo of al davis as well as three super bowl trophies. >> he was a trailblazer and transcended football. it was outside of football and there are a lot of things accomplished for the city of oakland and a lot of things he did for people that hasn't been publicized. >> he was 82. the team staged a moving ceremony yesterday that included a public appearance by john madden. >> and a bay area company is now the latest to issue a recall of the bagged salads after a lettuce sample tested positive for listeria. river ranch says none of the produce was sold here in california. 2100 cases were distributed in ohio, pennsylvania and. >> i wax the lettuce sold under the brand name ty-bee salald and they're stamped
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with a use by date of october 14th. today's recall is the second involving a company within the last month. >> and in southern california people are flock together los angeles sports arena. it's not for an a sports event. thousands camped out for a chance to get free medical care. 800 pro figsals are volunteering their time to provide medical, dental and eye care, organizers say the clinic hop hopes to treat about 5,000 people, many poor and uninsured. >> this is sad and hard. >> we need health care. and that is the simple and bottom line. >> organizers handing out wrist bands that will let them see a doctor free later this week. >> and the maker of the black
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berry is apologizing for world wide outages last week, you'll be able to down load premium april politics for free. and the offer is until the end of the year. research in motion will give a month of free technical support. last week, tens of millions lost e mail. >> and for us. likely. >> and cell phone user koz get a break. >> because of a new deal that is out there. >> this has within a long time coming. and there are days of surprise, bills may be soon behind you. the federal government reached a deal with wireless companies and starting next year will let you know if you're about to go over your minutes or data limit. and the commission chair announced the deal today.
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>> this is a problem that needs to be fixed and there are ways to do this using technology that is widely available. what we said at the time was that to treat consumers fairly wireless companies should take three steps, send voice or text alerts to notify consumers when approaching and when they reach monthly plan limits for voice data and text that would result in overage charges so one, send an alert in advance. >> and fcc estimates tens of billions are hit with charges each year. >> sorry i am having trouble connecting to the network. >> some users of the new iphone reporting problem was the new siri voice recognition
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feature, it understands what the person is saying but many people are reporting problems connectinging to network there. is a form going and there are several fixes reported there. the once that worked on our new phone here in the newsroom was to turn off wi-fi features and turn it op off again. we're waiting for a response. >> here are the directions to union square. >> it works. >> that is cool. >> yes. >> and this is a a great feature. >> thank you very much. >> and as you're talking we just got information we want to share now. there we want to go back to occupy oakland event. >> this is a live look you're looking at sarah shourd. with her is josh fattal and shane bower, released just weeks ago after being held in iran. >> and sorry about that signal
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breaking up. we're going to continue to follow this for you later and we're streaming that event live on the web site. and laura anthony is going to have coverage coming up at 6:00. >> this is the first time josh fattal and shane bower have been seen in the bay area. let's focus weather forecast. and and this can't get any better than this, tomorrow we're going to see changes. and there is a high of 88 today and now, temperatures now down to 67 degrees. and 21 degree drop. and a view showing clear skies from the golden gate bridge. and showing you plin there and high in san jose today. high temperatures with 87 degrees. we're nearing 90 october 17th.
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it's hard to believe but we do get warm, fall weather and as you look here, we've had a nice flow of air towards and fog did clear out. highs so far 70s out there and there is a high of 83 now and 68 in half moon bay. there is near 90 degree weather around half moon bay and 80 degrees in hayward. fog open at the coast tonight. turning cooler and drizzle possible late tuesday night into wednesday morning so may impact your morning commute. overnight readings into 50s across the bay area. the coolest reading into the north bay you'll see 51 in santa rosa. the fog starts to come back in and close in near the beaches. here is a look at what's happening today. we've had a strong ridge of
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high pressure that is a warm ridge with warm air mass z that down sloping wind. and there is wind going to switch from coming down from the land to lowing from the ocean back towards the land. it's an onshore flow this, area of low pressure approaches will bring that cooler marine air in towards us. we're looking at cooler, notice will be cooler near beaches, tomorrow morning, fog fills in around 8:00 or 9:00. and temperatures fall, 60s at the coast and 80s inland. and numbers for tuesday. 77 in san jose. 77 for new cupertino. los gatos, 79 degrees and mid 70s for redwood city and palo alto. beautiful day. on the coast if you like fog tomorrow is the day. 62 in half moon bay and pogy after you hit a high of the low 70s today, downtown 67 degrees so down from your low 80s and there is 8 degrees and
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you'll see sun, 75 in santa rosa. east bay communities, berkeley 70. oakland, 71. inland areas 79. 81 into lir livermore, around the bay, 67 in santa cruz with fog around. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is cooling and may see drizzle between tuesday night and wednesday morning. thursday, things are fine and we're on our way upward into weekend. low to mid-80s inland. nights looking weather over next several day autos and there is local research finds annual mammograms may do more harm than good. >> and new at 6:00 the coach's thoughts and more importantly response from$
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>> american academy of pediatrics says preschoolers can be diagnosed and treat forward adh doo. saying doctors can diagnose and treat kids as young as 4 and old as 18 who display inattention or impulsiveness. >> previously focused on kids between 6 and 12 to so this is a big change. >> the committee especially worries about failing children who stop taking medications once reaching high school. critics worry many will be misdiagnosed under the rule autos and there is this, having an annual mammogram may do more harm than g researchers found a high rate of false positives among 60%
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of the women in their 40s receiving a breast cancer screening every year. >> 170,000 women participated in that study. pemplts say having a mammogram every other year can lower the risk of a false pose he tiff by more than 20% ska starting at 50 instead of 40 is recommendededededededededededede so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home.
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coming up, kids who frequently skip school. tonight a new approach to fighting truancy. >> and find out what organizers of the america's cup in san francisco will be doing to help save the world's ocean autos and the community facing hard times puts its heart and soul into building a field of dreams. those stories and more for you coming up at 6:00. >> world news is coming up next, i'm cheryl jenning autos ask i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, appreciate your time and hope to see new a half hour. >> bye-bye.


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